I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I grew up in Sherman Park, in the 80’s.

I ♥ this city

Milwaukee isn’t perfect. It suffers from a lot of inequality. Still, we have incredible potential. We’ve got a hell of a history, and I hope, a grand future.

~ Jan Kotowicz

What do I do?

The short answer is—everything.

What follows is just a small collection of what I have done and am doing.

Web Design & Development

I’ve been developing websites professionally since 2005. Here are a few recent examples of my work.

Dick Blau

Video & Animation

I am an illustrator, animator, logo and brand designer, videographer, editor, sound designer and musician. Below is a smattering for your consideration.

Shark and Friends

The Birthdays

Brian Riggins: Tax Man


I develop games for computers and mobile. Try them all for free!

You’re Here Now

Moon Runner

Pączki Day

Hummy Bird

Cod Man


I help organize events in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Polka Riot

Rock Paper Scissors League

Fashion Brands

I design and print garments with an eye towards the quirks of my city.

Milwaukee Knockoff

Get in Touch

To get in touch with me regarding partnerships, commissions and/or design work, email me at: