I was born and raised in Milwaukee. I grew up in Sherman Park, in the 80’s.

I ♥ this city

Milwaukee isn’t perfect. It suffers from a lot of inequality. Still, we have incredible potential. We’ve got a hell of a history, and I hope, a grand future.

~ Jan Kotowicz

What do I do?

The short answer is—everything.

What follows is just a small collection of what I have done and am doing.

Web Design & Development

I’ve been developing websites professionally since 2005. Here are a few recent examples of my work.

MKE Solidarity Economy

MKE Mesh Cooperative

Dick Blau

Video & Animation

I am an illustrator, animator, logo and brand designer, videographer, editor, sound designer and musician. Below is a smattering for your consideration.

Shark and Friends

The Birthdays

Brian Riggins: Tax Man


I develop games for computers and mobile. Try them all for free!

You’re Here Now

Moon Runner

Pączki Day

Hummy Bird

Cod Man


I help organize events in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Polka Riot

Due to circumstances, all other events are on hiatus until further notice


Fashion Brands

I design and print garments with an eye towards the quirks of my city.

Milwaukee Knockoff


Get in Touch

Use the form below to get in touch with me regarding partnerships, commissions and/or design work.

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