Professional Portfolio

What follows is a small selection of projects for which I was personally responsible as a multimedia director and as a freelance developer and designer. More to come as I search through my archives.

GSUSA / QSP / Ashdon farms

I was the primary interactive designer to the Girl Scouts of America, QSP Fundraising and Ashdon Farms for their 2010 - 2015 seasons. I conceived, designed, illustrated, animated and coded every aspect of every game below. (flash player required)

Concept Designs

Honey Bee Adventure

Community Garden

Can Collector PRO

Otter River Adventure

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Beach Cleanup

My News Stand

Snap-On Diagnostics

In 2012 I created a 9'x3' fully multitouch display for Snap-On's "Masters of Metal" tour, showcasing their latest diagnostic products in completely interactive 3D.

Rough Drafts

Proof Of Concept Video (screen capture)

Live Photos

Speech Tails

In 2009 I scripted, story boarded, scheduled, lit, directed, taped, edited, post produced, animated, scored and launched the entire video series for Speech Tails, speech therapy.

Introduction Animation

Mouth Exercises Animation

Mouth Placement Animation

Word List Animation

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